A long awaited announcement .....

Baby Zerbe number two at 23 weeks.
Look at that perfect profile!! This was a long awaited ultrasound. Since Mama is 35, the baby is at greater risk of having Down Syndrome. The baby shows no physical signs of DS and the blood test shows the risk is 1 in 6000+. This is a great number!!!

Here the baby is scratching it's head with one hand and the other hand seems to be holding up it's head.

The baby was settled in right below my belly button so we had a hard time getting a good picture. But that gave me plenty of time to see the rest of the baby. We could see the arm bones and leg bones. It's little spine and ribs. It's teeny, tiny heart beating away. The baby's heart is the size of a nickel at this point. That just amazes me!

The baby kept interrupting the recording of it's heart beat by kicking and punching. Each time the baby would kick you'd hear a big static like bang. It made me laugh because I could feel most of it. It was like the baby was kicking the ultrasound wand.

And yes, we finally found out the sex of the baby.



a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are very excited! Now we need to think about a GIRL name. We need to think about ALL THINGS GIRL! So exciting. It is so nice to finally know.

Don't leave without suggesting a girl name.... or six!!



mustangkayla said...

WOW! I had no clue! A HUGE HUGE HUGE CONGRATS to you guys! How exciting. Lets see....names in the running when we had Madeline (Maddy) were paige, Alexandria (Alex), Emma...let's see, what other ones. Bella...if I think of another one I will come back ! I sure hope you'll keep me updated on your blog! I'm so excited for you! :-)

JS 15 said...

Hey Steph! Congrats to you and the whole family, how exciting! My name suggestions are Sophie, Olivia, and I would even think it may be proper to name her Jillian...just sayin'!

Can't wait to hear more about her! :)

Old Lady Weikel said...

YEA!!!! How perfect, a little girl!!!I'm sure whatever the name is that you decide on, it will be perfect for this sweet little thing. Stick with traditional names with traditional spelling :)


munson said...

with th kicking and punching maybe you should name her Mindy Jr

Moran Clan said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!! I'm sure once Adam comes back, he will find out its a girl and want it named something crazy like Brettney, named after his one and only favorite NFL player! He's goofy! Cant wait to see the beautiful bundle of joy! Hope to see you soon!! Congrats Again!!