How do you explain to a group of 3 year old kids to hunt for eggs?

Jake's school had an Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday. We had to move the Easter egg hunt inside because of the rain. The gym floor was a great place for "hiding" all the eggs.
The teacher explained what to do to the kids then said, "Ready, set, go, go, go, go, go!"
Half the class simply ran all the way across the gym by-passing all the eggs. Jake was one of them. He is in the red raincoat (in the video).

This was Jake's first Easter egg hunt experience! He had a blast.

 Jelly beans in the grass atop a cupcake.

 Jake and his pals Shawn and Kyle.

 The whole preschool crew.

 Bags full of candy filled eggs. Some of the kids did not have baskets so to be fair they all got a grocery bag instead.

Teacher: "Ok, back to class we go. Single file. No shaking of the bags. March, march, march."

And they did just as they were told!

 Jake running up the ramp in delight!

 Now for the indoor picnic. Hot dogs, potato salad, cheese squares, chips and a cookie.
The cookie disappeared first.

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c.lynn said...

Ha! Loves it!!