Jake's First Baseball Tournament

Jake is the one pumping his fist. Third from the back.

Jake hit the ball every time he was up to bat and
 at each base he jumped for joy. The crowd laughs.

Best game ever!


Our cat named Bear

We had a cat for a few weeks this year. He was 6 months old, full of energy and loved to play with his shadow. His name is Bear. 
  We think Emma was allergic to him and both the kids became increasing scared of his playful nature.... He liked to dart out at your ankles as you walked by and bite. So we gave him back. 
  Now they want a puppy..... Yeah, not gonna happen. :)

Superhero Party for Dad

It was Shawns birthday party. We made him dress up like the superhero we know he is. We are his biggest fans and wanted to celebrate like any superhero family would.
  We all had super names and super powers. The kids capture villains and earned more powers with each capture.  It was a great day.
  Emma impressed us by staying in character during the photo shoot. Those pics are priceless. And I think Dad had the most fun watching the kids act out their powers and just having a blast flying through the house.... All weekend long!


The Kids as of late.


Jake Gets Glasses

Here is Jake in his new glasses.

Jake's School Play

Jacob was chosen to play Hansel in his school's Christmas play "Hansel & Gretel".


Christmas at the Zerbe's

Some pictures of the kids at Christmas.



As of late

Jake's two front teeth are finally coming in after three long years. Emma is growing up fast all of a sudden. Not only is she potty trained but she is more independent.
We've had the pleasure of getting to hangout with cousin Molly. Emma refers to Molly as her sister. So cute.
Last but not least is Emma singing at school.
Mr Turkey , Mr Turkey
big and fat, big and fat
I'm a gonna eat you, I'm a gonna eat you just like that, just like that
Emma insists that the words are...
I'm a gonna MEET you
So stinkin cute!


OBX Vacay

Even though the Hurricane rained out the Fourth of July fireworks the kids had a blast glowing in the dark. We all survived the storm and the chaos of six kids and a pool.