Welcome to Thomas & Friends

Jake has collected a few more trains since Christmas. ; )

Jake is obsessed with Thomas & Friends. Jake has a new name each day depending on the color of his shirt. As do Mom and Dad. If you are wearing red, you are James. Blue, Thomas.
Gray, Spencer. Black, Hiro. Yellow, Molly.


Old Lady Weikel said...

Wow, he really knows his trains! Too cute! Josh was the same way, totally obsessed with Thomas and all the trains. What trains is Jake missing? We have a really great toy store in Bellefonte that has all of the Thomas trains and I don't get to buy "toys" anymore for Josh. I would love to help Jake complete his collection :)

pelicanl said...

Totally amazing. How does he keep them all straight. Outstanding Jake, hope I get to see more of your friends. GB