1st Day of Preschool

Jake started preschool today. 

The students start their day learning the letter of the week and the number of the week. Then after lunch they play outside. Jake had some serious red cheeks and the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face when we picked him up.

Jake spots Dad as we leave preschool. He can't get there fast enough.

That is one happy boy!

His first day checklist reads:
Mood: happy and playful
Nap time: slept
Lunch: some

Jake hasn't taken a nap in weeks. Getting up 2 hours early and playing with other kids is what it takes to get him to nap now! Jake grinned from ear to ear all the way home. I think he'll be excited to go back!


pelicanl said...

I can just imagine how great a day he had! Thanks for the update Steph. You have a knack for capturing these really great moments.

Old Lady Weikel said...

It certainly looks like Jake had a great first day! Josh's first day of 1st Grade was yesterday and he handled like an old pro!

mustangkayla said...

Aaaww.....so sweet! Glad it went well!

Anonymous said...

That right there is the best picture I have ever seen...he is sooo very excited and you can see it all over his face!!

Shannon said...

Yeah!!! How exciting for Jake. He is getting too big! i'm really happy he had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

By the size of his smile, I'd agree. He had an awesome first day! CRE

c.lynn said...

Willa gets 'how-my-day-went' slips too. We love them! Glad Jake is enjoying school!!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe how grown up Jake looks. Grammy Kimm is at Jodis house for a few days. I only get to see this when I come to visit or if Jodi brings her laptop to Yuma. Jake looks sooo happy and even more like Daddy!Grammy misses you all so much. Wish we were not so far away from each other. Hugs and kisses from Grammy Kimm and Willie.