Our beloved Tanner

Tanner passed away recently due to a stroke, we believe.
Tanner was 12 yrs old and lived a very happy life. Tanner was 5 wks old when I found her at a pet shop here at Ft. Bragg. I remember how scared and tiny she was. I also remember  the first time she caught a piece of popcorn. She knew a few tricks, as some of you may know, but my favorite was teaching her to dance. Tanner would spin in a circle if we asked her to dance. She always made us laugh.
This is the last picture we took of Tanner a few weeks back.

Nearly 3 years ago when Tanner first met Jake. She was real enthused!

She started warming up to the idea of having little Jake around.

Tanner ruled the roost for may years before B came along. She seemed annoyed with B most of the time but I think there was some love there!

The whole gang wanting Dad's attention. 
This was the average evening for Shawn.
He loved it!!

Now Tanner is in heaven... I'm sure she was completely annoyed by B's hyper greeting. I can just see him bolting through the pearly gates to welcome her, stumbling over her because he's too excited to slow down. We miss you Tanner and Boscoe!


c.lynn said...

Oh Steph! I'm so sorry sister. I know Tanner had a big piece of your heart. Love you.

pelicanl said...

I always got a laugh when we would even put a hand on the back door knob, they wanted to be "first in line" to go in or out....

people who love dogs are special.


Moran Clan said...


We are deeply sorry for your
loss:( Tanner was a great dog.