Our trip to South D

Dad and Jake with his big boy back pack on their way to catch a flight to South D for the fourth of July. Jake's first plane ride, as well as, the first time he will meet his 4 cousins Chloe, Ron, Zach, Willa and his Aunt Hillary.

Jake looks so grown up here not holding Dad's hand.
Thanks Aunt T for the toy Airplane idea. 
This little plane kept Jake occupied while we waited for our flights.

Jake was such a good boy on the plane.

Something is wrong with this file. Sorry it is turned on it's side.

We arrive in South Dakota but not everyone was expecting the three of us. We surprised Dad and Liz. Everyone kept it a secret even though there were many slip ups, even on my part.
It was priceless.
Little Willa looks so sweet here with her thumb in her mouth as Jake meets his little cousin for the first time. He was trying to be so gentle as he got a real close look at her. Too cute!

Daddy Karl and baby Willa. Isn't this the sweetest thing?
Sorry, no pics of Mommy Crystal.... how does that happen?
Jake saw Uncle Karl first and walked right up to him and shook his hand. Uncle Karl was very impressed by the hand shake.

Uncle Shawn and baby Willa.
It's funny, Crystal asked me first if Shawn would mind holding Willa.
She wanted a photo of them together. So sweet.

The Human Jungle Gym, Uncle Nate.

Jake and Chloe took turns flipping over Nate... the entire weekend.
If Nate was on the floor, it was free game!


It's so fun to hear the kiddos giggling.
Thanks Nate for being the best babysitter ever!

More pics to come, stay tuned!

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pelicanl said...

Yes you did surprise the SHITACHA out of us!!
What a fantastic few days for us to have all our kids with us at Pelican.
Thank you for making us very very happy. Dad