Jake's 3rd Birthday

 Can you believe Jake is 3 already?

Jake thought the cake was cool until we started singing Happy Birthday. That's when he started crying. He never did blow out the candles. 

 White chili.

 Dad, Hanna, Hailey, the birthday boy and Mom.

 Jake loved having his girlfriends over!

Cry baby Jake. He didn't even want to open presents.
 Day two of the celebration .... 
he was totally into it this time!

 Aunt Maggie playing catch with Jake.

 I snapped these before school today.
My little boy is growing up so fast.

Monster truck birthday gift.
 Paper Jamz guitar gift. 
Dad impressed the crowd with his "skills". Actually, he has no skills but the guitar made us think so!! That was a good laugh. It is really fun to pretend!!

The goody bar!!


Old Lady Weikel said...

Three, already! Happy Birthday Jake! I hope you like the books.

Anonymous said...

I hate it that Jake is 3 and we still have not met him!! It is time for you guys to BUZZ down here!! Stffy, your hair is so LONG!!! You look great. Thanks for keeping us ion the loop!!!