32 weeks and counting

How do I look? I look GOOD don't I?


Nate & Malynda said...

It is so cool to see that you are actually prego! You look so darn cute! Thank you for sharing the pic!
Love Moe!

Anonymous said...

You look great - Hope you feel as good as you look. We'll look forward to talking to you soon after we get off this ship.
Dad, Liz and Ryan

Anonymous said...

You are so adorable!! Will you even be able to WALK in 2 months???? Your Mom saw the picture and said "Holy CRAP!" We
are all anxiously awaiting Jacob's arrival!!! Is Shawn going to video the whole damn thing??? Be sure and send us a copy!!! LOL,Best Auntie of the World!!

Anonymous said...

Jodi-AKA Best Auntie of the World,
Sorry, no video plans. Pics-definately.
Mini scrapbooks for all.
Love and miss you,

Come Early, Be Loud, Stay Late said...

Lookin good! Not too much longer and you get to meet the little man who's be subletting from you.

The Zerbe Family said...

Come Early, Be Loud, Stay Late ....love the title .....is this Auntie H?

Come Early, Be Loud, Stay Late said...

yup, trying a new blog, but I haven't been able to keep up with it.

Deena Hudson said...

Stephy Jo you look great! I am so excited for you and Shawn.