A priceless gift from Shawn's Aunt & Uncle

Shawn's Aunt Diane and Uncle Bugs came to visit from PA and brought this amazingly handcrafted cradle made out of Black Walnut. It is the most beautiful wood I have ever seen and Bugs cut and sanded it to perfection, it is soft & smooth to the touch. Shawn and I are still in aww over the craftsmanship and the thoughtfulness. Isn't it lovely, isn't it wonderful?
Thanks again D and Bugs, we love you.


Nate & Malynda said...

Wow! That is definitely a priceless gift! It is so beautiful and looks so sturdy. I'm jealous! I need an Uncle Bugs.
Love ya!

pelicanl said...

This cradle is a wonderful gift, a family treasure. Now, how about a picture of the very pregnant mother-to-be - Please & Thank you. Liz