Beginning to settle in

I am loving my new gourmet kitchen...
right now it is still missing the canopy vent hood. It will be installed next week. The first one was delivered damaged.

The command center fully equipped with cell phone charger storage and a Lazy Susan of sorts for pens and things.

Here is the problem area. The breakfast nook is simply a sitting area but it needs some color, some pop, something! HELP!!!

Look at that long, sexy island. Plenty of room to make a boat load of decorated Christmas cookies .... Mom, can you come help??

Here's the family room. I thought arranging furniture in a larger space would be easier but it's not. This room is also, still in progress!

We have never tried GREEN as an accent color until now. What do you think?
We've done red, blue, and burnt umber. This weekend the plan is to hit every yard sale in the area in search for all things green and organizational bins/baskets and refurbish worthy furniture!!

Wish me luck!


mustangkayla said...

I have been hitting every garage sale lately too in search of different pieces. Your house looks fantastic! Where do you hide all the toys? I swore I wouldn't let that many toys end up down stairs, but that didn't last very long!

mindy savrock said...

Maybe you should try a nice deer head on the wall in the breakfast nook.

pelicanl said...

Wow, I thought I was reading the BHG mag for a moment!!
Very nice look, and yes I know Steph, you haven't even gotten STARTED.....


Amanda Evans said...

Wow, your new place is gorgeous! And way to go with the fancy decorating! It looks like Pier 1! BTW, I have kitchen envy! BEAUTIFUL!!!