Vacation Bible School

My little boy all dressed up for Summer School

All the kiddos

Storybook time

Outdoor games with Shannon and Robbie

Snack time: Jake's FIRST ice cream cone.
He didn't know what to do with the cone.

Jake is thinking, 'Hey this kid is just my size.'

Jake tore up some chicken at
Vacation Bible School dinner time!
He always had to have one in each hand.

Jake on stage.
Shannon, one of the three Brighter girls, invited Jake to join in at Vacation Bible School where she was teaching. Her husband Robbie took this video so Jake wouldn't see me and I wouldn't spoil his good time.
He had a blast as long as Mama wasn't around. He'd cling to me if I was with him and if he could see me from a far he'd cry.
Jake had his own personal 'assistants', you could say, Charlene Brighter, Tracy Brighter and a sweet young gal named Ashley. And he has a new girlfriend, Jonna (she is the cutey in the pink with dark hair next to him in the video). He seems to like older women!

This was a heartfelt day for me.
Seeing my boy looking so grown up
and witnessing all the love from
the other children and staff.

Thanks to everyone at
Lemon Springs Methodist Church
and the Brighter girls!!


Shannon said...

So cute!! It just totally melts your heart seeing Jake up there dancing! I'm glad you both had a good time. I know we throughly enjoyed having you and Jake there with us! Thanks for all of your help! Love You Guys!! <3

jodi said...

Jake just gets cuter and cuter and he hasn't even met his Auntie Jodi!!! You are the BEST Mom Steffy Jo and I love you so!!!