In the camper

Here's Jake standing in the master bathroom.
Ok, so there isn't more than one bathroom
in this 30 ft. camper
but it is huge!
Behind him is the master bedroom...hee hee.
There is a queen size bed in there!
You can also fold out the couch in the living room
and the dining table flattens to a single bed too.
We slept 6 one weekend... it was cramped!

Yep, I let him jump on the bed!
Anything goes at the camper!
Actually, he is dancing. Too cute right?


Mama forgot to bring Jake's 'Pack n Play'
(his camping bed)
so he got the big bed all weekend!

As long as George and Moosey were tired too,
he was fine.

, I had to lay with him, otherwise he'd just climb down and continue to torment the dogs by chasing them around the camper. Just like at home, just not as much square footage...good for Jake, bad for dogs.

So the first night was a sleepless one for mom. Jake kept tossing and turning, pushing his head into my side, laying his arms on my face, etc. etc. Or he'd hug and kiss on me to avoid sleeping.
Melted my heart every single time.

This was our first visit to the camper this year and it was without Dad.
It was weird. Can't wait for him to come back so we can all go together!

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Old Lady Weikel said...

What happens at the camper, stays at the camper!