Jacob Ryan Day 1 Visitors

This incredible woman was by my side non-stop through my three days of labor. She lifted my spirits and held my hand through each and every contraction, whether they were 15 minutes apart or 1.5 minutes apart. We had a terrible time convincing the doctors that something was a miss. It was time to have this baby but some of the cards were stacked against me. Theresa stood strong for me. I could not have made it through without her. Shawn relieved her of her duties Wednesday night. Mark, Theresa's loving husband and Shawn's friend, picked him up at the airport and they pulled up to the house finding Theresa and I trying to WALK this baby out. Neither of us got any sleep that night, then off to the hospital we went the next afternoon because my contractions just never let up. I was still not anymore cm dilated than 3 but within that next 30 minutes I dilated to 4cm and the ball started rolling. Pain Killers Please!!!! Little Jake arrived just before 3 the following morning. We are so blessed. Thanks Theresa for being my ROCK. I love you to pieces, you're the best .... never doubt that. Theresa, my Bestest Friend, aka, Shawn's Mom.
Thanks Shannon for showing Grammy Gail a good time before visiting hours came around and delivering Jake his Grammy. Shannon, aka, Shawn's Sister .... Theresa's eldest and next in line for bebe. Hee heee.

For most, this young lady needs no introduction. Maggie, my bestest friend of 10 years now. Aka, Aunt Maggie.

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martini and rossi (Art and Chris too) said...

He's beautiful, keep the pictures coming Can't wait till he's big enough to be introduced to the lake