Jacob Ryan Day 1

Thanks Tammy for visiting little Jake and thanks for letting me quit so I could start this new chapter in my life. Tammy, aka, EX-BOSS LADY.
Grammy Gail spent an entire week here taking care of the three of us to include our two dogs, our laundry and our Adult feedings. Thanks Grammy Gail, you'll never know how much we appreciate you for all you do!
Thanks Anna for visiting us on the day of your eye surgery. It was a nice surprise! Anna, aka, Graphic Designer EX-PARTNER IN CRIME.
Enough with the flashes of light.
His little home at the hospital. You could not take the baby out of the room unless he was in his bassinet. And only personell with a pink badge were aloud to take your baby. So I had fun asking each person to show me there pink badge. I was told in my birth class that we would be tested during our stay.
His poor little feet were pricked for blood several times to check his blood sugar since Mama had high blood sugar through out the pregnancy.

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