The Trials & Tribulations of Pregnancy

The Trials & Tribulations of Pregnancy...
Boy how my nails have grown! And they are virtually unbreakable.
But ohh how my ankles have grown. I believe we can refer to them now as KANKLES.
I discovered this past weekend that I could no longer see my ankle bones. I am still a bit shocked, I am only 20 weeks prego, is this normal? It doesn't really matter since it is not painful....yet. It is more of an excuse to get people to wait on me!! Lovin' this!
AND "NO", I will not give up my strappy heels! The Queen has spoken.


Surrounded by Men said...

I had to wear bedroom slippers to work my last couple weeks of work. I had severe Fred Flintone feet!

Give the heels a couple more months...then go buy yourself a pair of Crocs!

Nice nails!

Ashley said...

You still look good Stephy I see no need not to sport the heels!! One hot momma to be hehe :o) A little over a week and I get to see you and your belly, Shawn and the pups!! I can't wait :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about your visit too. I can't wait to show off da belly. Don't look at my face though...I have more acne now than I did in highschool. I won't be publishing any of those pics!!
Plus, you'll be just in time to hear the news of the baby's gender! Then we can SHOP!!! Look out Babies R Us...here comes the Muthler clan. SEE YA SOON!