Camping LOT

We had this roof built to protect our PERMANENT VACATION investment. I can't wait for our kids to grow up (be born) and spend summers here. Swimming in the lake, boating, riding the golf cart around the lake, selling lemonade at the top of our driveway......oh I can't wait. It's no Aruba, but I am pretty sure it's a whole lot better. And, yes, that is Shawn's new souped up ride. There's room for 4, come on down. BYOB.


pelicanl said...

It's PERMANENT alright, are those uprights Bridge Timbers or just Concrete Pillars??? By the way, I like that RIDE... I mean I really like that R I D E !!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, thems is timbers. They clearly built it too high but Shawn plans to add more wall/siding near the top to prevent NC hurricane rain from causing more leakage. We never did find the leak.
You'll be tickled to know many of my fellow Southside Renegades know the HiWhy...song. We yell it to one another often thru the trees, on our golf carts and in the early morning to say "the coffee is on". You'll have to share the back story with us.
Love ya, Steph

Surrounded by Men said...

You guys mean are some serious campers! Doug would give this two thumbs up in the engineering department!