Emma turns 3!

Happy Birthday baby girl!!! We spent the morning pretending we were Peppa Pig and her friends. Jake helped cut out masks and gift boxes. Emma loved every minute of the day. 

Peppa Pig Picnic Party

I had no plans of making a cake (her Boyfriend Bobby got her a cake a few weeks back and threw her a party) but when Emma woke up and asked, "where's my cake and candles?" I knew I had to take action. I found an amazing chocolate cake recipe on Foodnetwork.com by Ina. Secret ingredient: a cup of coffee. It is rich and moist. We all loved it!

Both Emma and Jake helped make Peppa Pig's rain boots. They especially liked the milk chocolate mud puddles!

Peppa was originally standing but kept tipping over so we decided she slipped in a mud puddle on top of the cake. I really liked sharing the whole cake making and decorating process with the kids. Our first adventure with fondant was a success. Thanks for all of your cards and gifts. 

xo steph


c.lynn said...

How cute! I must Google Peppa Pig stat. Did you have fondant or make it?

c.lynn said...
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