Happy Birthday Jake

Ever since shark week on television Jake has been 
obsessed with all things shark. 

Jake was so excited about all the details in the cake. 

Jake can read very well and totally digs learning about sharks. 

Mommy made this whale shark. 

Jake likes hugging it. 

He flipped over this 3D book. 

He was speechless when he saw this real Megalodon tooth.
Next thing we know he's going on and on about all the facts
he's learned about Megalodon sharks. 
It's amazing what information this kid can retain. 

Mommy found this Ben 10 costume at a thrift store. 
To our surprise he still thinks it's cool and had to put it on. 

Emma just keep saying, "cake! Cake!"

Daddy quickly turned into shark bait. 
The end.

Now we are off to see some real sharks at an aquarium. 
Stay tuned.....


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