Jake at school

The kids get to spend the first half hour or so playing at their desks. Jake still LOVES going to school. Lately, after school, Jake likes to announce that he DID NOT get into a fight that day. We were told a while back that Jake and another boy were rough housing and it got out of hand. Jake explains that they both had one another by the neck but Jake was being choked so Jake PUNKED the other boy on the back. Jake repeated, "I PUNKED him like this, I PUNKED him on the back." I'm sure you figured out what he was trying to say. Needless to say, Jake learned a new word that day.... PUNCHED.

That is not the end of the story though. After he explained {and I laughed} I asked if he got in trouble. Jake said about the other boy, " He got timeout." I asked if he {Jake} got timeout. Jake said, "Of course not!"

That is why he announces a FIGHT FREE day.

Oh, the laughs this boy brings into our lives is priceless.

Emma enjoys the noise in Jake's classroom. She will just sit still and watch everyone. One little gal asked if she was a DOLL. So cute!

Here, we are waiting to take school pictures with Jake. Emma and Jake match and Emma is wearing her first pair of shoes. Hopefully, we will have Easter pictures sent out to all.

Hugs, steph

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