Handmade Halloween Costume

 Jake loves helping, especially when it comes to crafts.

 Jake is singing a Thomas and Friends song while working....

Jake is Thomas and Carlie is Percy. They spent all of five minutes in these boxes.

While Trick-or-Treating Jake tripped and feel flat on his boxed belly at the second house we visited. His arms and legs were hanging straight out of the box, he couldn't move. I was laughing so hard until I realized he was hurt. I tried picking him up.... I was in the Percy box so I couldn't reach him until I took the costume off. Poor thing cut his lip on the box. He didn't want me to fuss over him. He said, "I FINE." and  then he turned to the man at the door and said, "TRICK OR TREAT."
Jake had to get his candy, don't cha know. ;)

We went to all of three houses before Jake decided he was done. Jake was more than happy with his 15 pieces of candy. Which, by the third day, he had forgotten he even had any candy.

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