DC Trip

Shawn ran the Army 10-miler this year in Washington DC. We made a family vacation out of it. We shared this experience with our closest friends. Gram and Pap came down from PA and we all had a blast.

We took in the sites....

We traveled on the Metro. This is Jake's friend Carlie. As the Metro pulled into the station we were greeted with a nice brisk breeze. This picture is too funny, not only because of the "gust of wind" but because Carlie is sucking her finger.... she is not allowed to such her thumb. Clever girl!

After our day of site seeing.
Good thing we brought the stroller. Jake will be disappointed when he finds out that he slept through the train (metro) ride home. You all know how he loves trains.

 Jake clings to Pap every chance he gets.

 Gram soaking up some Emma.

 Emma is almost 3 months old here.

On our last night in DC, the 9 of us had dinner together. 6 adults and 3 kids. It went surprisingly well! Thanks to Shannon and Robbie's iPad. Jake & Carlie watched a movie while the adults talked about the race and had a lovely relaxing dinner. Shawn ran the race with Mark and Robbie and they plan to do it again next year! I can't wait for another fun family outing, just like this!

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pelicanl said...

Love the pictures & glad you had such a good time - can't wait to see you all. Liz