Our week with Carlie

 Jake and Carlie got to spend quality time together. We babysat Carlie while her grandparents went on a well deserved cruise. 

 Jake would get up on his own really early because he was so excited for Carlie to arrive.


 Nap time in Jake's crib. Jake has graduated to a big boy bed.

 Morning cartoons!!
Carlie had a fever on this day and crashed in the chair.
 Craft hour!!
They were both very serious and paid close attention.
No paint anywhere but their hands. WOW!

It's not easy getting them to take good pictures.
 But they are still cute.

 Carlie made her Folks a butterfly picture and
Jake made one for his sissy. Aka: baby dragon.
"See Ma, no paint!"

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Anonymous said...

They are so cute & must have kept you entertained (as you kept them busy). The pic of them watching tv in the chair reminds me of a picture of you & Jennifer at the farm. Liz