VA/PA/AC Vacation

Our first stop on vacation was Chantilly, VA where Shawn attended a football trade show.
He had this helmet signed by John Stallworth. Stallworth played in six AFC championships, and went to four Super Bowls. His career statistics included 537 receptions for 8,723 yards and 63 TDs. His receptions were a franchise record until that record was surpassed by Hines Ward in 2005. Stallworth played in four Pro Bowls and was the Steelers' two-time MVP.

Shawn was happy to report that Stallworth complimented him on his t-shirt. Shawn was wearing a vintage John Stallworth t-shirt.

After visiting IKEA in Virginia, always a treat, we headed up to PA to see Gram & Pap Bower.

Jake played with the neighbor girls, loving every minute of it.

Jake can't live without watching at least one episode of  WIPEOUT on vacation. Jake can tell you all the obstacles. . . Sucker Punch, Trouble Us, Spin Cycle . . .

We left Jake with Gram & Pap and off to AC (Atlantic City) we went.

We stayed at the fabulous Borgata Hotel & Casino. This was our suite. It was right up our ally and had a great view.

Biggest bathroom on earth.

A bit of the view.

A bit of the fun.

We came home broke! To be expected but we had a fun, relaxing and well deserved adventure.

Mehek and Dreuv are the two cuties that Grammy Gail looks out for during the week. Jake got to play with them all week. They even introduced Jake to soccer. We hear Jake's a natural.


One of the many yummy things Grammy Gail made for us. We always look forward to the home cookin'!!

Mahek and Jake bellied up to the mini bar.

Ahhhhhhhhh . . . .

Thanks Gram & Pap for watching Jake and introducing him to so many new things!!
Mwah! (kiss)

More pics of this little vacation to come.

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Anonymous said...

This sucker just gets cuter and cuter!@!! And Auntie Jodi and Uncle Chuck need to meet him b/4 he is grown!!!