House: Week 14

 Jake says, "Heeey!"
Really, that is what Jake says when he approaches people.

Kinda like.... Hey, Here I Am!!!

The CABINETS are in!

Here's an angle towards the Grandmother's suite.
Aka: Maid's Quarters.

We told Shawn's Mom she could visit if she cooked all the meals....wait..... she does that regardless! Of course, Bo (Pap) would argue that HE was the one who'd end up cooking all the meals.

Here's a view of the working side of the island. There will be a sink, dishwasher, pull-out trash and a microwave!!

On the other side of the island is the breakfast area. We had it lowered to regular table height. I'm excited to NOT have to buy taller chairs. Then we can interchange them with the dining room table! Brilliant!

The command center!!!

Master bath vanity. 

Our friend Maggie told us about this GREAT HARDWARE FIND on Ebay.
We would have spent $7 per knob/drawer pull if we got them through the cabinet company. We found them on ebay for $2 each.

Thanks Maggie!!

Jake says, "Byeeeeeee"

We move in 17 days or so.


c.lynn said...

It's super fun to watch it all come together. Thanks for posting!

mustangkayla said...

What a beatufiul kitchen! How I'd love to have a command center! Sweet find on the knobs! Thanks for sharing this blog with me...love seeing the progress!

Amanda Evans said...

Looks fabulous! I can hardly wait to see it when I get back in July! The kitchen is gorgeous!