House: Week 10

 The door is in!! We went with a Craftsmen style. We just ordered some toothy molding to go under the trio of windows. That should give the door a little more character.
It's made of fiberglass and can be stained or painted.
We plan to stain it at the very end of the process. We want it to match the siding and stone around the door.


 Hello insulation!!!! and fireplace
This is so exciting, I can't even tell you.

Weeks 8 & 9 seemed to go by so slowly while the duct work, plumbing and electricity went in. We also had a good bit of rain and snow that held us up but now we are on fire again.

Wait until you see week 11..... drywall.

I am just giddy!

 The garden tub is in.

Now, tilt your head.
This is the bonus room. 
aka: the Steelers room/ theater room/ kid's playroom.

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c.lynn said...

Love the front door!