House: Week 5

This is my best guess as to what was done this week:
Rough Carpentry
1st Floor Deck Framing
1st Floor Wall Framing
1st Floor Deck
2nd Floor Deck
2nd Floor Wall Framing

Next will be the roof trusses.... now this might take more time than usual because all the trusses are custom, maybe they even have to build on site.... I will be asking my agent for details. I like the details.


Front entrance.

Breakfast nook. Door to covered porch.

Dad and Jake coming up the steps to the second floor.

View of the backyard from the 2nd baby's room.
Not that there is a second baby yet.

Another view from the same window as above.
In the lower right hand corner is the start of the covered porch.

Picture taken from second floor of the entryway.

We loved seeing all of the progress over the week!!

Now we need to finalize our cabinets and countertops. Eek!

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Shannon said...

WOW!!!! It's really coming along! Looking great, I can't wait to see it. Love the brick color! :)