House: Week 4

Water was spraying straight up when we first pulled up to the property.

A free water feature, perhaps? No, a burst pipe.

Shawn got soaked trying to turn it off. Now it's just gushing out and forms a nice creek that reaches all the way to the back of the property. The trickle of the water SOUNDS pretty. It must have been going all night by the looks of the ice sculpture.

Here's my best guess as to what may have been done this week:

(Location Survey)
Fill Block Cores w/ Concrete
Steel Delivery
Set Lintels, Bolts, Cap Block
Lumber Delivery
Waterproofing (haha) and Drain Tile

I really have no idea....

Two car garage. 

Shawn is already talking about finishing this floor.
If you've seen our last garage, you know what I'm talking about.

From the back.

Ohhhh... they made BRICK pillars for the deck!!

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