We went with Shaker style cabinets. Monday we decide if cherry is worth the extra $$. Otherwise, we will go with maple. However, they don't make the exact style of cabinet we want in Maple.

Then we need to decide if the dovetail/soft close drawer package is worth an extra $600.
Any thoughts?
Otherwise the drawers are made of simple plywood construction (?).... I'll have to open and close both types on Monday in the showroom to see the difference again. Have you ever been to a KITCHEN SHOWROOM? ohhh, ahhh... don't go unless you are serious about changing your kitchen and spending some serious dough. Too bad it's a package deal (dovetail and soft close drawers) otherwise, I could get rid of the 'soft close' part and save a couple hundred bucks. Every cabinet company has different standards, styles, stains, options and RULES. Ugh!!!

We reconfigured the island. We lengthened it and made the breakfast bar regular height.
It should look like a piece of furniture. The legs will be stained to match cabinets (i hope). Now we don't have to buy tall chairs. I hope we love it!!

We already purchased our wall ovens, 50% off at Sears, a few months ago. That is better than the builder wholesale discount. And I think the gas cooktop was 30% off!! Woohoo!
Now I need to watch for a refrigerator sale!

We put the microwave in the island. 
I'll let ya know if this is a good idea or not. But we have to figure it out for ourselves.
I needed the extra counter space. Ya know, cuz I'm a BIG COOKER!!! LOL.

Note to self: do not get any pets small enough to fit in microwave.

I call this 'The Command Center'.
ie: bills, homework, address book, honey do list, junk drawer, etc.
The open area is a desk.
I 86ed the rollouts here to save a few bucks!

Master bath.

That was fun!

Stay tuned for week two, or is it three, 
of progress on the house.

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Amanda Evans said...

Wow~! Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous! LOVE the backsplash! I didn't realize the building process was just started. Loved the pic of the outhouse (porta potty) on your lot :-)

I think I might have forgotten to e-mail you back from your last e-mail. I'm up in PA (inlaws) and headed to Hawaii on Friday for my sister's wedding. The nboys are staying here for the week. I should be back in NC the following weekend! I still have all your stamps and stuff! We need to get together to scrap soon!