Christmas 2009

Santa brought Jake a Train set!

Choo! Choo!

MACK truck from 'Cars' the movie. Jake's favorite movie.

Pap and Gavin. Jake's Cousin.

Pap and Jake are best buds!

Just what ever two year old needs. A chain saw. Thanks Renee!

Oh, no.... this is what every two year old needs.... An Engine Overhaul Set!
This is from Aunt Mindy.... she kept hogging it the whole day! Poor Jake was left playing with a singing Tucan flashlight... no wait, she was hogging that too.
'La la la la la la la laahh!'

Pap tried to bribe Jake with a sucker so he could play with Jake's new goggles.

Mine! Snap!

Ok, now Aunt Mindy is hogging the chainsaw..... get your own tools Auntie M!

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