Man's Best Friend

We adopted Boscoe 7 yrs. ago or so.
B has been a great dog up until last night,
when he
bit his person.

I asked Shawn to take the scowl off his face...
now it looks like a smerk.

We're thanking God it wasn't Jake! 

Shawn has stitches in three spots on his face and is pretty swollen.
The doc said there's a 90% chance of infection because the bite left air pockets.
In other words, they'll have to open up his face to clean it out.
B is in quarantine for 10 days.
Shawn and I are still in shock.

We love Boscoe. He is family. He is our protector, our entertainment, our friend. He is the best babysitter, too. He can keep Jake occupied for hours. This event deeply saddens us and wish we could trust him in our home, with our child. But now we need to make a difficult decision.


c.lynn said...

Our hearts go out to you! What a difficult decision indeed, if only animals could be TALKED to, reasoned with. We're thinking of you all, and wish you, Shawn, a speedy recovery!!

Ashley said...

Aww B he's my boy...maybe he is just confused about you guys packing everything and moving he probably doesn't know what is going on...this makes me so very sad I love B...I wish you would have to get rid of him it breaks my heart I honestly think I could cry right now!! Shawn I am very sorry about your face and hope your recovery goes fast and well but just remember B loves you all and will never understand why yet another one of his owner's are giving him up!! Love and miss you all ;O)

Brother Ryno said...


pelicanl said...

Wow! I hope you heal quickly Shawn.