Birthday Boy!!

Jake and Carlie sittin' in a... Lazy Boy?

Okay, it doesn't sound as cute as 'sittin' in a Tree'.

This is our friend's, Shannon & Robbie, little cutie pie.
They found this adorable Birthday Boy outfit for Jake,
that I LOVE (it's so me)
and little Carlie and Jake match. So cute!

I need to post the pictures of these two 'Love Birds' 
at their sleepover while Shawn & I witnessed a
Steelers game. Stay tuned!!

(shh! don't tell Carlie's Daddy I called them Love Birds)

Hooray, he's two!!
More pics to come.....


pelicanl said...

Congratulations Jake, it's a BREEZE from here on out... (not on you folks however!)

c.lynn said...

Happy Birthday cutie pie!

Carlie`s Daddy said...

I seen that :)