Don't be hatin'

We are off to our very first

It's also Mom & Dad's first outing without the kiddo.
Which means, Jake will be having his very first sleepover. Sniff, sniff.
I am already worried I forgot to pack something for him
or tell our gracious sitters something....
guess this is the hard part of being a parent
{leaving your kid behind to actually go have some FUN!}

There will be four of us road tripping to Charlotte,
VIP tailgating
(in other words: getting our drink on),
then on to the game, each in a jersey,
with HOPES for a victory
and anticipation of us all losing our voices!!

On to the next 6-pack!!
If you are a football fan, you will get the meaning of that last statement...otherwise you are simply a drunk! hee hee.

1 comment:

pelicanl said...

Sounds like a fun day. I like that picture too. I won't bother asking "how did you DO THAT"...