Beach or Bust!

Aunt T & Uncle Hairy Face (Theresa & Mark)
seem to think they are gonna
take our boy into the lake this summa!
This is Jake sportin' his new 'Cars' swim trunks
and life vest!
He's ready to go!

We even hopped on the golf cart and
drove it around our little neighborhood,
which made us feel like we're at the lake.

Thanks guys for the awesome 'Just Because' gift!
That is our thing....
we don't do birthdays and Christmas, we do
'Just Because I saw something that I knew you'd like'
that doesn't print well on a card
but any day can be a Holiday when you are our friend.

It almost seems more thoughtful that way,
don't ya think?

Plus, I can't wait until Christmas
to give you something I bought today....
pffffffffff, I must give it NOW!


Shannon said...

Too cute!!! I can't wait to see little Jake on the Boat!!!

Old Lady Weikel said...

We can swing by in August and pick you guys up on our way to the OBX...