"Big Giraffe" Adventure

Jake "had to" have "big giraffe" upstairs.
He carried him all the way upstairs.
It was an obvious struggle.
He even stopped half way to let out his frustration with a cry!
(or maybe he was frustrated with my picture taking)
He finally gets up to the top,
leaving "big giraffe" with one last step to climb.
Jake still has a hold on him but can't seem to get all of "big giraffe" up that last step....
he lets out some major frustration at this point...
so much that he walked away sobbing.
Seriously sobbing!

I hate to inform you that earlier, on this day, he tried a similar task
(you know where this is going)

with "Moosey" in one arm and "Curious George" in another.
Jake got to the third step,
decided he felt like dancin' and
fell back down the stairs.
(First time, by the way, I know there will be more)
I think George broke his fall
but Jake was left with a slight rug burn from the carpeted stairs.
He cried a little as Mommy coddled him but stopped before we even got up the stairs.
Ewwwwh. That was a close one.
Scared the living daylights out of me though.

So I was right behind him thru the "big giraffe" adventure... with camera of course.
Wish I had it set on video now that I think about it.


Old Lady Weikel said...

Josh fell down our steps a couple of months after we moved into the house and it scared me to DEATH. He of course was ok and I probably scared him more with my paniced scream when I saw him going "ass of teacups" down the steps.

They get bumps and bruises, but I always think it is harder on the Mom then on kids.

The Hansons said...

I love the play by play, Steph! He is so darn cute!