We got a chance to run up to PA for a couple of days. Jake had a blast playing with his cousins and family friends.
2nd Cousin Shaylene and Jake finally meet. Shay was so careful with Jake even when Jake decided to sit on her.

Jake couldn't get enough of "animated" Pappy Bo.

Great Aunt Zee "stealing some sugar" as they say here in the south.

Aunt Mindy soakin' up some love with a straight face. You're not fooling anyone Mind .... we know you're a softy!

Gram Gail always comes up with great toy ideas.... sour cream containers (best for making pyramids) and measuring cups (makes for great hats, even on the biggest of heads...see Pappy Bo's pic)

Jacob and Mehak. Jake couldn't take his eyes off this beauty. He followed her all over and he even took her hand at one point. Priceless!

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The Hansons said...

I love the little 3 piece vest outfit Jake! You can dance and charm.....Oh my, watch out mamma!