another 5 in the Life

Here's PART 2 of 2
very, special videos
for Dada {aka: Pop}
while he's away.

This is ANOTHER 5 minutes or so
in Jake's life
at 1.5 yrs young.

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: near the very end

Happy Birthday!
wife n bebe


c.lynn said...

HAHAHA! Both vids were funny, thanks for sharing a little average Jake time!

Husband/Dada said...

From the Birthday Boy himself...

Hey Babe-

I just watched Jake's latest video about 10 times. I almost fell out of my chair laughing!!! I have no idea what kind of break dancing moves he was throwing out there, but it was absolutely hilarious! He is already better than I will ever be. I will have to steal some of his moves for the dance off when I come home. Thanks for that great B-day gift, the best ever. Don't know if you can put a price on that one, I am still laughing.

I miss you guys and wish I was there to boogie down with you both. Give him a big hug and kiss from me. I love you


Erin Mitchler said...

Wow--what a happy little boy! I LOVE his dance moves. And, Stephany, you can hear in your voice just how much fun you are having with Jake!

Old Lady Weikel said...

My goodness, are you letting him stay up and watch Dancing with the Stars or something!?!? The boy has moves!