Snow Day

It's actually snowing in North Carolina. Schools and businesses are closed. Even the military base. The Governor declared a State of Emergency! Silly Southerners... Shawn has been to work and back. While he was out he picked up some snow gear for the kid! ! !


Old Lady Weikel said...

My friend Andrea's sister lives outside of Raleigh (originally from Johnstown, PA) and she works in the local school district and they were all praying for snow. Southerners. We get that every other day up here!

Jacob looks confused, but still having fun. Bundling them up always reminds me of A Christmas Story with Randy not being able to put his arms down!

Moran Clan said...

Looks like the Zerbe Boys are having some fun! Jacob is growing fast. Before you know it he will be gettin Tats with his Uncle Ryan and I!! I hope everything is going good for you guys. Go Steelers!