I'm getting ready for Jake's FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!! Halloween theme of course!!! I hope Jake is cool with this theme for many, many, many years to come because I love Hallowe'en!
Above: Mock tablescape. I like to be fully prepared! Looks like I need a punch bowl!

Cobweb city! And spiders, Oh My!

Or is it that I just haven't cleaned since Shawn left!?

This is just the first layer of webs.... I'll wait until later in the week to do the rest!

Spooky!!!!! Or does it look like I TP'd my own house?
Party is at 6pm Saturday night!!! See ya then!


c.lynn said...

Oh sister, my sister, how kind of you to invite me to a party I cannot attend!! Entice me with crooked pictures and cobwebs and no doubt a cackling spooky soundtrack. And CAKE! I'll bet there'll be cake. And Jake with frosting on his face! Laughing his laugh and fake coughing all the while! How great that party will be, the one I can't come to.

BOO. (And not like Ha! Gotcha! Jumped out from a dark corner boo, more like BOO HISS, thumbs down boo. Just to be clear.)

Love you!

The Zerbe Family said...

Sister, you're too cute! Wish you COULD be here!

malynda said...

Wow, there is now a shortage of Halloween cobwebs in Sanford NC!!!
I am impressed that you even rattled your home decor for the whole Halloween effect! Way to go, It looks great! YOu are such an amazing hostess!
Love ya!

A McGaughey said...

I love the look you got going on at your house! We don't celebrate Halloween cuz I just don't like it but your house looks great!!! So I created a blog today but I'm thinkin you are going to have to walk me through it! See if you can find me or add me or whatever! The McGaughey Girls is my heading. LOVE YOU!!!!