I still live with my parents

Little man sportin' a mini-mohawk.

My little cheese ball!

Jake's new favorite pastime ... something you can fit in is always a hoot.

Pondering his next move with "elephante" in hand...

and there's no stoppin'em. Jake "army crawled" all the way from his room, down the hall and through the kitchen... his shirt is a little stretched out now. Goof!


kelly said...

shut up! we have the same crib!

ps: jakey is the cute-cutiest.

c.lynn said...

what a doll face! Love the pics.

malynda said...

Soooo cute! Hey Zachary had a crawl that we labled as the "army crawl too! He never did a normal crawl, he went from the army to walking! I thought that was a cool coincidence, thought I'd share!
Love ya