Contest Winner!!!

I won a contest!!
It was an Artist Trading Card Swap ...and because I won, my art was made into buttons!!!
You can buy these buttons plus collage sheets that include my art and everyone else who entered into this swap at



Cool huh?

See all of my ATCs at Flickr.com >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


c.lynn said...

You have an amazing eye for layers, big sister. Kaci says I do it with clothes, but you've got me whipped with layered design. I think it is TOTALLY AWESOME that you won a contest, good for you for entering one in the first place. You are becoming FEARLESS and I admire you all the more for it. I am so proud of you.

love, ce

pelicanl said...

Hey Steph WAY TO GO!!! Keep using that talent, YOU AIN'T GOING TO RUN OUT OF IT ANY TIME SOON...

Love Dad