I am an artist... I am here to live out loud. (oh, and an antiquer)

I have recently discovered a NEW craft.
It's called ATC.
Artist Trading Cards.

You make collage ART
in the size of a Baseball card
and trade them with other artists.

Vintage photos are popular.

This IMAGE is not an ATC... but it could be.
The only rule is the SIZE.
(the image above is simply me sharing my day & my likes)

I'll post a few cards soon.
And they are of family!!!
Even more fun to KNOW who is in it.

Art is a means of adventure
and therapy for the mind.


malynda said...

This is really cool! You look Lovely Darl'n

Anonymous said...

Sissy, you look like a real movie star...I love the one of you. You must send me one. P.S....that was not a wig..it was my own hair after we posed for the Queen of Thailand's Mother!!!