Easter in Pennsylvania

Aunt Mindy claims Jake looks like her.... she may be on to something.
THE infamous bow tie picture that Jake will hate me for one day. Shawn has pics in a bow tie from way back when that he hates so we had to get this of Jake, it's tradition!
Are we done yet?
Cousin Jody showing Jake his new puppy.
Friend Renee, aren't they cute?


Uncle Ryan said...

That Jake sure is a happy little boy isn't he.

Uncle Ryan said...
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c.lynn said...

I can't handle these photos! I desparately want to kiss that baby's sweet chubby cheeks! You two must be ridiculously great parents because I have never seen a baby as happy as our Jake. Love him, love you guys!

malynda said...

Well, you had me at the bowtie pictures and then I saw the cute scrunchy nose and huge grin picture. OHHHH he is soooo cute, I must nephew-nap him!