Home Makeover

This is our new MODERN console table!!! We got it from our new favorite store... CB2 (Crate & Barrel 2) It is on casters and is designed to fit over a queen size bed as a BED Table. Too cool!
Notice the burp cloth on the Mommy rocker.
UNUSED dining area .... we still eat in the living room.
I painted those 3 beauties on the wall!! Say, "HI BOSCOE and Tanner".
Shawn painted our walls to go with our new furniture!


Karl said...

The house looks great you two! I love the ottoman and the huge tv, might have to get one myself.

Nate & Malynda said...

Okay, after looking at your pics and those of Crystal's I feel as though I need to get to work and do some upgrading! I love everything the two of you have done! The furniture is gorgeous!!
Boscoe and Tanner are just the right finishing touch too!
Good work! Love ya! Moe

c.lynn said...

Love the art sister, were the white lines before or after the background? And I'm so checking out CB2!

pelicanl said...

How'd you do that with the sofa table??? Dad

stephy jo said...

Top secret design stuff !

pelicanl said...

Why did I even ask the question????
I like it all anyway... Dad