Jacob Gets Ready For The Big Game

Jacob has a favorite team already, just so happens it is the same as his Daddy's.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Jacob looks just like his Daddy!! Are you guys getting any sleep? I remember when the kids were little I was always calculating how to sneak in a nap or sleep in or something!! It is so good of you to share this little piece of Heaven with all of us who love you!!! Chuck and jodi

The Zerbe Family said...

hey jodi-sleep? well, it's hard to say...what day is it anyway? No, it's not that bad. We try to feed him as late as possible, 11pm, then he'll get up around 2 or 3am. Then again around 6 or 7am, so we'll just stay up. I take the week nights and shawn gets the weekend nights. So I get to sleep in on the weekends!!! Shawn is the best Dad ever but I am better. We fight over who gets to feed him most nights. And we challenge each other as to what the boy needs .... more food or just some more time with his mama. hee hee. LOVE YOU TOO! stephy jo