Before the bebe

Shawn and Steph pre-PARENT-hood. Isn't Shawn a hotty? Yeah, I bagged a good one. He's just the most wonderful man you could ever dream of. I never thought anyone could be this great. He'll do ANYTHING I ask. Sometime I have to refrain myself from asking (taking advantage) cuz I know he'll do what ever my little heart desires. Yes, even after 5+ years. Recent demands have been to run to the grocer for pickles or DQ for a Strawberry Cheesequake. "YES, DEAR."
This baby and I are so lucky to have this man in our lives. Please everyone pray for him this summer, he'll be leaving us for the 7th time....yes, seventh!! Uncle Sam plans to ship him home near the due date (Oct. 20) but then most likely he'll be shipped back out to finish his tour. "Duty calls." he'd say, "Just doing my job."
ps. In need for a lawn boy this grassy season while hubby is playing GI JOE. Handyman skills are a plus. Please contact Mrs. Z for interview dates and times.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell who is "beaming" more, the expectant mom or dad. You both look terrific & deserve each other! Enjoy this very special time in your lives. Liz

Ashley said...

I could only hope to one day have someone as good as Shawn!! He's a keeper and that's why we all kinda sorta love him ;o) I love the both of you and am so very excited for this new addition to our family!! Gives Shealean someone close in age......Talk to you both soon!!